Phil Raino - Drums


Phil Raino has been knocking about in various local musical endeavors since moving to the NOVA area in 2004, including a stint in the Celeste Starchild Band with Aaron. He transitioned from trumpet to drums during college, when it became apparent that drums had an exponentially greater potential to annoy his neighbors and housemates. He can also play recorder and ukulele whenever it is called for (which, truthfully, it never is). The only reservations that Phil has with joining Round About is the lingering regret that, despite the band name, it is not a Yes cover band.

-Premier Drums and Hardware
-Sabian, Zildjian cymbals

Favorite Cymbal:
Zildjian A Custom 6" Splash

Favorite drink to be given by an appreciative audience member:
Dark and Stormy

Favorite Round About band member:
Phil is still deliberating on this.

Some Favorite Albums:
-Steve Morse: High Tension Wires
-Frank Zappa: Roxy and Elsewhere
-Styx: Eqiunox
-Cocteau Twins: Victorialand
-Massive Attack: Mezzanine
-The Meters: Struttin'
-Electric Light Orchestra: Out of the Blue
-Genesis: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Next Show

Sat., Nov. 9th - 10:00 am
Glover Park Farmers Market
1819 35th St., NW
Washington, DC 20007

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