Paul Nicholas - Drums


“I think I had a natural talent for drums...I like to hit things,” says Round About drummer Paul Nicholas, who got his first kit at age 13. “I thought it was so much better than playing the clarinet, which I started out on.” His affinity for the drums almost became a career. "I thought about going to music school to do it professionally, but I was also good at other things, which paid a lot better." 


A veteran of numerous accomplished bands covering a variety of genres, Paul has played with The Busyworld, Seraphim, and Morningstar/Every Nation Ministries. “I’ve played on everything from Indie Rock to Gospel to Rapcore.” 


As to why he chose to connect with Round About, Paul says “I've always loved all different kinds of music. I was a 90's guy especially; remember that Del Amitri song 'Roll to Me'? I loved that song. And this band reminds me of that; it's bubbly, fun music." Of his bandmates and the less intense style of play Round About asks of him, Paul says "They’re good guys, and it’s good times. Playing in this band is a good way to keep my chops up, and I'll admit, something a little musically lighter (given my history) is a nice change of pace." 



-Yamaha Recording Custom Kit
-Zildjian Cymbals


Some Favorite Albums:

-Dave Matthews Band: Crash
-Switchfoot: Oh! Gravity
-Five Iron Frenzy: Our Newest Album Ever

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