Coming Into Focus (2018)

Recorded at Recording Arts, Arlington, VA

Produced by Marco Delmar
Mastered by Mark Reiter



“What this ultimately became, was a record about recognition,” says Round About’s primary singer and songwriter Patrick Garrity, referring to the Washington, DC band’s third album, Coming Into Focus. “We didn’t intentionally plan it that way, but the most common theme in these songs was the idea that all you can do in life is try and learn from the past, aim to be better moving forward, and most importantly, live in and acknowledge what is.”

Approaching almost a decade together as a band, Round About continues honing its tradition of featuring a variety of musical styles under their pop/rock umbrella on Coming Into Focus. Garrity says “It’s the most current snapshot of what we’ve always been: an amalgam of all our influences and styles thrown together.” Which isn’t to say the band is standing still. “Our last record (2015’s The Best Laid Plans) definitely sits more on the pop side of things; this one clearly has a lot more rock to it,” says Garrity. “And because this batch of tunes felt a little edgier, we expanded the sounds as well. We used a wider variety of guitars, more diverse tones and effects, some different drum and bass sounds…we basically tried out a whole different recording process.”

Among the highlights are Garrity’s explosive, power-pop opener Chasing Sublime and indie-rock nod You’re My Favorite, his usual tongue-in-cheek character sketches (the waltz-ish Timing and light twang of I’m Smitten), the bluesy Last One Standing, and the tango-tinged Perfect for the Part. Bassist Dave Mehring contributes some heavy groove in Bad Man, as well as an upbeat commentary on the fits of modern life in Little Things, while lead guitarist Aaron Lowenberger walks the fine line of wistful yet appreciative in the poppy Summer Dreaming. Holding it all together is drummer Paul Nicholas*, whose driving performance helps make Coming Into Focus the most lively and robust entry in Round About’s catalog. Not to mention the other constant (present on all of their recordings), guest keyboardist and friend Mark Bower, who this time adds organ and electric piano to three tracks. 


So the more things change the more they stay the same for Round About, it seems. Garrity says, “The theme of recognition extends from this album to the band as well. After this long playing together, we know who we are, think we’ve identified what we do pretty well, and try to improve and expand on that…we think this is great next step forward for us; hopefully that’s apparent to anyone who gives this album a listen.” 

(*Our first drummer Paul left the band in mid-2018 to explore some other musical opportunities; we're grateful these albums document his substantial contributions).

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