Round About is an original Washington, DC area rock band whose music combines perceptive, clever lyrics with upbeat, catchy melodies to create a unique yet accessible sound. Part rock and part groove, with hints of jazz, twang and more, their brand of melodic pop blends the styles and skills of its members to create a sound that's definitely a sum greater than its parts.


Winter, 2020

Our most recent album is called "Coming Into Focus"! You can click on the album cover below to read more about it, check out some press, download the first track "Chasing Sublime" FREE in the Listen section, check out samples from our entire catalog using the audio player to the right, or stream/download our stuff from SpotifyiTunes, Bandcamp, or any other place you get music. Physical CDs are available at CD Baby or at any show.


Next Show

Sat., Nov. 9th - 10:00 am
Glover Park Farmers Market
1819 35th St., NW
Washington, DC 20007

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